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  How to Refer:


We want to make the referral process simple for you so please download the GP request form here:


Send us your fax request to 01204 493029


You can also use the NHS 'e' referral system (Choose & Book) 


We will provide all the necessasry scan information and preparation to your patient and we will return the completed report directly to you. 

Please make sure that you complete the referral form fully, including correct and up to date patient details and clinical indications. If you are hand writing a referral, please make sure writing is clear and legible.

To make referring to our service as seamless as possible, we have three referral options:

  • NHS E-Referral

  • NHS net

  • Secure Fax

What happens when you refer a patient?

We contact the patient within 48 Hours to arrange an appointment

Your patient will receive information confirming their appointment by letter with the time and location of their appointment (including a map of the location), what preparation they need to do for their appointment

We aim to return the results of the consultation to you within 24 hours by secure fax or NHS email



ScanAssure is an accredited NHS Business Partner who offer diagnostic ultrasound scans to various Clinical Commissioning Groups. We have offered an excellent GP ultrasound service  for the last 9 years whereby we listened to the needs of the GP and the patient. We can provide a range of ultrasound services listed in the AQP service pack. 

ScanAssure Medical Ultrasound Ltd  | GP Patient Fax: 01204 493029