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Our Wellness Health Screening Clinic @ Media City

Our mission is to make state-of-the-art Ultrasound Diagnostics available to everyone. We’ve harnessed state of the art ultrasound diagnostics and the expertise of the UK’s top pathology laboratories with the latest consumer technology to make 21st Century ultrasound scans and blood testing a simple, easy-to-use process available for everybody. We also have an HealthAssure Screening Clinic at our Bolton Medical Centre.



Our range of affordable, accurate and completely confidential health checks give you the information you need to take charge of your health. 


Our health screening packages can help in diagnosing a condition, or check on your risk of something that runs in your family, or just to help in optimising your health regime.


Ovarian Cancer - A simple ultrasound scan of the pelvis can help detect ovarian cancers and womb cancer. Survival rates for ovarian cancer in the UK are presently amongst the lowest in Europe, for this to change we need to see more women diagnosed sooner. In support of this we believe our pelvic ultrasound scan must be realistically priced to hopefully be in reach of all women. Our pelvic scan is therefore just £80. 


Kidney Cancer - In the early stages of kidney cancer there may be no obvious symptoms and more than half of adult kidney tumours are detected when using an ultrasound scan for usually other reasons as an incidental finding. Currently, there are no effective screening programmes for kidney cancer in the UK and Doctors use their clinical experience, scans and various tests to identify kidney cancer. We believe a simple HealthAssure kidney scan can help reassure and is usually one of the the first tests your GP would do. This scan is a real-time, moving test which is used to detect and differentiate between tumours and cysts on the kidney. Once more we believe this should be priced to hopefully reach all people who want quick answers and reassurance. Our renal scan is therefore just £99.  


Testicle Cancer - Testicular cancer strikes young. Almost half (47%) of men diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK each year are aged under 35. In most cases, the outcome for men with testicular cancer is positive, but a 95% chance of survival is no comfort to the 1 man in 20 who won’t make it. Our HealthAssure specialist will ask you about your symptoms and carefully examine your testicles and they will perform an ultrasound scan. An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to produce an image of the inside of your scrotum and your testicle. It’s a painless test and can help to show whether the lump is caused by a condition other than cancer. It will be undertaken always by a male clinician so there is no need to worry about being embarrassed.  If needed they will also offer you a blood test to check the levels of certain hormones and proteins that can be high if you have testicular cancer. Once more we believe this should be priced to hopefully reach all people who want quick answers and reassurance. Our scrotum HealthAssure scan is therefore just £80 (if bloods needed they incur an extra charge). 


Musculoskeletal & Sports Injuries - All of our specialist MSK scans are priced at just £99


Our wellness profiles can check for diabetes, heart disease risk, hormone status and more. We have expertly-designed profiles from sports men and women, for people who are struggling to lose weight or have lost their get-up-and-go, as well as for those of you who just want the peace of mind a comprehensive health check can provide.


We also supply a comprehensive range of womens health including fertility tests, ovulation tests and the very popular tests during pregnancy, including the NIPT test. 


The Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) assesses the risk of a pregnant woman's developing baby (fetus) having certain chromosome disorders, such as Down’s syndrome. Following a large, multicentre study in the UK (RAPID study) demonstrating the benefits of the test the UK National Screening Committee (NSC) have recommended NIPT is introduced as an additional test into the existing NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme as part of an on-going evaluation.




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