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 Private Patient Price List

At ScanAssure we can perform general abdominal pregnancy and pelvic ultrasound scans for you at a price that is hopefully available to all. Our scans are performed at our dedicated clinics in and around Greater Manchester.

The scan rooms are welcoming and spacious with plenty of seating for your family. We use the GE Volusonassessment ultrasound machine with the latest software and we work to exacting clinical protocols. All of our scans come with a detailed medical report.

We always endeavour to offer a first class service at the point of your need...therefore we will always have clinics running on a Saturday and Sunday and most evenings.

General Scans 


Upper Abdomen Scan- £130

(Assessment of Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Gallbladder and both Kidneys)


Renal Tract - £110

(Both Kidneys and Bladder and prostate where appropriate)


Scrotum - £50

(Both Testes and Scrotal contents)

MSK/Soft Tissue Masses 

MSK Scan- £125

(Shoulder/Planter Facia/Achilles tendons etc

Abdomen/Groin Hernia - £125 

Soft Tissue Masses - £125

(Lumps and Bumps


Women and Pregnancy Scans 


Gynaecology Pelvis Scan - £110 

Ovaries/Womb Lining Scan - £110 

Reassurance / Viability Scan with Gender (if required) - £50

Dating Scan - £50

Detailed Fetal Anatomy Scan -  £130

4D Basic (Silver) Well-being and Reassurance Scan - £80

4D Advanced (Gold) Well-being and Reassurance Scan - £130

Growth Scan- £65

Presentation Scan – £65


ScanAssure Medical Ultrasound Ltd  | GP Patient Fax: 01204 493029