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Welcome to the Patient Page  

Here you will find some useful information about your scan and you will be able to access our patient leaflet which gives a detailed explanation about the scan you may be having. It will also point to our complaints page and complaints policy. 

Ultrasound scanning is used to examine the body for example organs in the pelvis or abdomen using (high frequency sound waves) to take pictures. It can be used to diagnose or monitor existing conditions of various parts of the body and to look at organs, blood vessels and soft tissue. 

Ultrasound scanning is safe and has no side effects.  Highly trained Sonographers use lubricating clear gel on the part of the body they are scanning and a scanning probe that is moved firmly over the skin. Images can be seen on a monitor and some organs are measured so that the Sonographer can create a scan report for your GP.

ScanAssure Medical Ultrasound Ltd  | GP Patient Fax: 01204 493029