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Policy File Section




This is our policy page which gives access to our policy file.


The files included herein can be accessed by our patients, our staff and any other relevant body. 


All staff must read the policy files during their induction training and they should also annually re-visit these policies. 


Please download the zip file below and use the extract tool to extract all of the files onto your computer.


Please remember these are coporate and clinical documents so please read carefully and keep them safe.


**Please note these files must also be made available to the CQC inspectors upon request and during any inspection**


Policy File 2019




The policy and protocol master files are stored at our Newlands HQ and can be faxed to you or emailed immediately. Please call HQ to request in the event of loss of Internet supply. 

ScanAssure Medical Ultrasound Ltd  | GP Patient Fax: 01204 493029