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Scan Instructions:


If you are reading this page, you have been invited for an ultrasound which your GP has arranged for you and the staff you spoke with at the time of booking asked you to read this page.


The time, date, location, and scan type have been supplied in the text message you received. If you have not received this text message, please contact us on


                                                     01204 322509.


If it is an emergency call 07818057832 – this will connect you directly with our CEO Dr Craven


Please be patient as you will be placed in a call queue system. We are sorry for this but at present our lines are very busy due to the Covid pandemic.  


If you are unable to attend this appointment or have any special needs e.g. limited mobility, hearing or sight problems, interpreter requirements, or are diabetic, please telephone 01204 322509 (Mon – Fri 8am – 5:30 pm) as soon as possible.


We want to ensure that your appointment with us runs smoothly and therefore it is very important that you read the information below so that you understand what happens during an ultrasound scan.


Clinic Instructions:


** Please attend the scan alone**


** Patients will need to wear a face covering or face mask to the appointment**


If you cannot wear a Face Mask and you are exempt, please call 01204 322509


**Preparation For Your Scan**





When you booked in for your scan, you may have been asked to either drink or not drink for your PELVIC scan.


Non drink is for;


Ultrasound of Transvaginal PELVIS

A 'transvaginal' pelvic scan requires NO preparation -Please arrive with an empty bladder. 


Drink is for; 


Ultrasound of Trans Abdominal PELVIS


A 'transabominal' pelvic scan requires the bladder to be full -Please arrive with an full bladder.




For Ultrasound of ABDOMEN 
Do not eat anything for a minimum of 6 hours before the scan. 

All regular medication should be taken (including water tablets) with a small amount of water.

If you are diabetic and are concerned, please contact us.


For Ultrasound of your RENAL AREA
You are required to drink at least 1.5 pints of water one hour before your appointment. DO NOT EMPTY YOUR BLADDER

All regular medication should be taken (including water tablets) with a small amount of water.


The following scans require NO preparation:


1. Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasounds to include soft tissue masses, lumps and bumps.

2. Skeletal scans for soft tissue assessment including shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, hands, wrists, ankles and feet.


3. Groin and hernia.

ScanAssure Medical Ultrasound Ltd  | GP Patient Fax: 01204 493029