NHS Insource Services You Can Trust

We are on the U.K Gov National Framework for Insourced Services to Support the Provision of Healthcare Services

Over 22 Years NHS Experience

Real-Time Insource Solutions

24/7 Support

Achieve Your Insource Imaging Goals
with a Clear Strategy

We presently supply the insource imaging needs for several major NHS Trusts. We have outstanding feedback and exceptional performance outcomes from our KPI’s and monthly audit meetings.

Joined Up Services

We listen and respond to the individual and at times, unique needs of our clients

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Content Planning

We engage and plan meticulously supplying a robust mobilisation plan and associated GNATT charts

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Experienced Management

All contracts have their own dedicated service manager on call 24/7 backed up by our COO and MD

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Clinical Outcomes and Cyclical Audit

We report back monthly all our Audits to each client

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Clinical Governance

Performing 100 of 1000’s of scans per year we enjoy an unblemished reputation and we have robust and credible policy and procedures in place to drive forward any and all reassurance our clients require.

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CQC Strategy

We have recently undergone our unannounced inspection and received excellent feedback with another green rating. We have a clear strategy in driving forward the 5 key pillars outlined by the CQC

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