Pre-Pregnancy Well Woman Gynaecology Scan

Gain peace of mind with a well woman scan before trying for a baby. Ultrasound can help detect serious female health problems such ovarian and endometrial cancer.


Reassurance Scan (10 – 16 Weeks)

For added peace of mind during your pregnancy, our reassurance scan checks the pregnancy is in the right place (not ectopic), checks the baby’s heart rate.


Viability Scan (6-10 Weeks)

Reassure worried parents by confirming your pregnancy and detecting baby’s heartbeat as early as 6 weeks.


Dating Scan (8 – 16 Weeks)

From around 8 weeks from your last period, this scan allows us to date the pregnancy more accurately and tell you an estimated due date.


Reassurance & Gender Scan (16 – 23 Weeks)

We can assess gender from 16 weeks. Also includes a fetal well-being check to ensure the baby/babies are growing as expected. They will show baby’s position & placenta, confirm & visualise the heart, observe the abdominal contents & brain, as well as detect certain conditions.


Detailed Fetal Anatomy Scan (19 weeks)

This is a detailed check of baby’s body parts in order to assess development. This can be performed from 19 weeks and includes sexing.


Growth Scan (25+ Weeks)

From 25 weeks we can perform measurements in order to calculate an estimated weight of your baby. The placenta site and blood flow to baby are also checked. Pictures are provided.


Presentation Scan (35+ Weeks)

Performed after 35 weeks to check if baby is head down or breech etc. We will also check the placenta is not too low and calculate an estimated weight. Pictures are provided although they are not usually as clear as those taken on earlier scans.


Gold Well-being + 4D Scan (£99)

Silver Well-being + 4D Scan (£80)

Silver Well-being + 4D Scan (£80)