It is no secret that one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body is his testicles. These egg-shaped reproductive organs are found in the scrotum and if they ache or feel uncomfortable, then you might worry that something is amiss.

So, if you are trying to figure out why your balls ache, then you might want to read through these pointers and keep an eye on your balls!

Testicular Torsion

If there is one issue within your testicles that needs urgent diagnosis and treatment it is testicular torsion. This is a condition when the spermatic cord becomes twisted, this can result in the blood flow to the testes being restricted, which in the long-term could cause permanent damage. The symptoms of this includes dizziness, nausea, vomiting, lumps in the sac and also blood in the semen too. If you are showing any of these symptoms then you need to speak to a doctor as a matter of urgency.


This particular issue is caused by inflammation of the testicles, this could be down to a bacterial or viral infection. The most common cause of this is mumps, however there are other things that can cause the pain. It is usually the case that this inflammation is only within one testicle, but it can appear in both. The main symptoms of orchitis is tenderness, pain when urinating, pain when ejaculating, swelling, blood in the semen, discharge, a fever and swollen lymph nodes.


There is a tube located at the back of the testicles which is known as the epididymitis. This tube can sometimes get inflamed and if this happens it is known as epididymitis. The symptoms of this inflammation occurring is a low-grade fever, chills, pelvic area pain, pain and tenderness in the testicles, redness in the scrotum, warm feeling scrotum, pain during sex and urination, frequent urination and blood in the semen.


We hope that you know whether or not you have had some trauma to your testicles. However, some people can forget if they have had a small bump or knock. A blow to the testicles, even one that seems relatively minor, can cause bruises to form as well as pain and swelling. You can even find that your testicles develop a hematocele, which is when the blood pools around the area and causes pressure. If you feel any swelling or pain that is ongoing after even a minor trauma, then you are going to need to make sure that you see a doctor just to check everything out.

The most important thing to remember when you have pain or discomfort in your testicles, is that it is always recommended that you see a doctor to discuss the issue. Whilst it may be nothing to worry about, it can also be something more serious, which means that catching and treating it early could be the most important thing that you do.

If you have discovered a lump within your testicles or scrotum, likewise if you are experiencing any pains, aches, discomfort in the testicles, scrotum or groin, get in touch today with MSK Scans for your free consultation.